Feb 13, 2019

Use forex brokers comparison and pay attention to these features

Use forex brokers comparison and pay attention to these features

Anyone who wants to get into the business and want to let off steam in the market, should be very well versed in the world of Forex and Co. Use our forex broker comparison to see exactly which provider could match your needs. Different criteria should be considered. On spreads should be paid as well as security and adequate customer service.
Make sure that the broker can execute the orders very quickly. At best, the broker provides the trader with an automatic execution. Furthermore, you should always pay attention to the fees and find out where they could hide. In any case, you should pay attention to these features in the Forex Broker election:

  • Deposit insurance with banks in Germany, Great Britain, the Netherlands, etc.
  • Market model: ECN / STP performs better than market making
  • Transparent and fair commissions and spreads
  • Regulation: based in a country of the European Union (at best Germany or Great Britain)
  • As low as possible minimum deposits
  • Strong position of the broker at the market
  • Real market interest of the broker - ideally he has a branch in USA or Europe
  • Bonus for new customers
  • English support and web presence
  • User-friendly and stable trading platform with individual functions (social trading or automated trading) and reliable chart tools
  • Temporarily unlimited, free demo account with live courses
  • High leverage for a low equity requirement to the customer

If too few of these characteristics apply, it is not a very good broker and you should consider alternatives. In our clear forex broker comparison, you can quickly see which brokers can be considered for you. We rely on a detailed search and put the individual brokers through their paces.
The supply of brokers is steadily increasing these days and we want to help you keep track and filter out just the right provider for your needs.

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